The league management committee of the North Caledonian Football Association held their Annual General Meeting via online video conference on the evening of Sunday 21 June 2020.

With representation from all member clubs, and three new clubs seeking membership, proceedings began when Mr Iain Whitehead was duly re-elected as League President, with Mr Euain Penny also reassuming his role as Vice President. Mr Penny also took up the role of Treasurer, while Mr Sandy Stephen was re-elected as league secretary, and Mr Niall Harkiss was re-elected as competition secretary.

The clubs seeking membership for the 2020-21 season were Loch Ness F.C., Nairn County F.C. 'A' and Scourie F.C.. Following proposals from each candidate club, all were accepted into the association without objection.

Existing members Alness United also confirmed that they will resume participation from 2020-21.

The league management committee unanimously agreed that for the 2020-21 season only, member clubs would be divided into a two-tier league programme with new/returning clubs joining the bottom tier.

The divisions were determined as follows:

Macleod & MacCallum North Caledonian League Division 1
Golspie Sutherland, Halkirk United, Invergordon, Orkney, St. Duthus, Thurso

Macleod & MacCallum North Caledonian League Division 2
Alness United, Bonar Bridge, Bunillidh Thistle, Inverness Athletic, Loch Ness, Nairn County 'A', Scourie

After all fixtures are played, the Division 1 winning club shall be named North Caledonian League champions, and a trophy (to be determined) shall be awarded to the Division 2 winning club.

It was agreed that the league would return to one division for the 2021-22 season.

The management committee agreed to reconvene at a later date to add cup competitions to the schedule if the season calendar allows.

League secretary Sandy Stephen said,

"The two-tiered league structure and the reduced schedule presents us with a variety of options depending on when the season can get going. If it is sooner than expected and we do finish the league campaign early, we have the option of scheduling one of our cup competitions to add to the calendar."

"Moreover, having a schedule to work towards now allows our member clubs to plan financially during this difficult time."